Most of the conditions we see are related to muscle imbalances.  With most attributable to poor posture in combinations with a sedentary lifestyle.  Of the most common are head, neck, shoulder, and back issues.

Injuries acquired through sport or accidents are also common place.  Some of those old injuries that may have been poorly managed also do come back to haunt some of our regular clients.

We at MMRM encourage and the public to think about the long term consequences of unmanaged injuries or conditions and to have a longevity mindset when it comes to managing health.

Let us be part of your maintenance & rehabilitation journey.  We’ve tried to make our service easy and convenient to fit around our clients lifestyles so you can stay on top of your musculoskeletal health.  Book a session with one of our skilled massage therapists to create a tailored treatment plan for your presenting condition so we can get started on your journey to better health.