Remedial Massage Collingwood

If you’re having problems kneeling down, your back is creaking, and the tension in your body is causing you pain, book an uplifting massage that will remove your stress and improve your wellbeing.

Mobile Massage Melbourne

Our mobile massage service in Collingwood offers a range of services, including, remedial, Swedish, sports, deep tissue massage. Our professional therapists who are all vetted by the Police, have a wealth of experience and are registered with the Massage Association. They can also attend a variety of places to provide your massage, so our service is ideal if you want a massage at your home, in your hotel room, at work, or at a conference or event.


Ideal way to work on any injuries and ease your pain is through the use of remedial massage techniques. This works systemically on those bothersome areas and will help people that suffer from back pain, hip problems, headaches, neck and shoulder problems, stiffness, aches and strains, or sciatica. When you book a remedial massage we carry out a thorough assessment to find out whats going on, in order to get a better understanding and prepare a plan of attack and find that need the most work.


We can apply firm pressure working tired and aching muscles to leave them feeling relaxed with our deep tissue massage, or can offer an invigorating Swedish massage with a light relaxing touch.


No need to get stressed trying to arrange transport, as our admirable therapists will travel to you, and we offer corporate and group massages, which is ideal if you are busy in Carringbush Business Centre or have a company that is looking for the perfect way for your staff to relax together to enhance their wellbeing and performance.


Even if you are looking for a memorable gift that will help that special someone unwind, we offer couples massages too, so if you want to treat a friend, family member, or significant other, and relax in good company, our service can help both of you to unwind and de-stress together.


However, if you’re on Singleton Street and don’t have another half or don’t want to share the soothing experience with someone else, that’s ok too, because our individual massage experiences will allow you to relax in comfort and are adaptable to your needs. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible as you allow us to alleviate your aches and pains, and slip into a state of deep relaxation, so we can provide through the clothes massage and chair massage if you prefer.


To discuss how our Motions Mobile Massage team can meet your needs and to book an appointment today, contact our friendly team or book an appointment using our online booking tool.