Remedial Massage East Melbourne

If you live near Jolimont and are experiencing joint pain, you feel as old as East Melbourne’s beautiful Victorian terraces and under the weather in Grey Street, or even if you’re just looking for an ideal way to relax, let our professional massage service take away your stress and enhance your wellbeing.


Remedial Massage 

For back pain, sprains and strains, headaches, hip pain, neck and shoulder problems, sciatica, muscle pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, or tennis and golfer’s elbow, we offer a comprehensive assessment service and corrective treatment. Remedial massage promotes recovery and will work out those problem areas. It is an ideal form of pain management that will target the places that cause you the most discomfort, will reduce your suffering, improve posture, and leave you feeling more relaxed.

Deep tissue Massage

If joint pain isn’t a problem you don’t need to explore East Melbourne or Cook’s Cottage for a treat because our traditional Swedish massage will leave you feeling restored and energised in no time. For a deeper form of massage our deep tissue massage will work those tired and aching muscles with firmer pressure and stimulate your circulatory system, which is great if you want more spring your step.


Mobile Massage East Melbourne

In-room hotel, home, work, event

You don’t even need to love cricket or play at Melbourne’s Cricket Ground to access the benefits our pre and post sports massage service because it is ideal for anyone in East Melbourne who enjoys a range of sports and exercise. Our professional pre-sports massage will give your system a boost and warm up your muscles ready for you to play your favourite sport and our post sports massage is a great way to promote recovery and relax tired muscles, which is handy if you have a match coming up.


Our professional massage therapists are all police checked and registered with the Massage Association and as our East Melbourne massage service is mobile, we will travel to your home, workplace, hotel room, or sports event to provide treatment, removing the stress of travelling after your personal relaxation time. We use flexible methods of massage so if you prefer a chair massage or a through the clothes massage it’s not a problem as this is something we are happy to provide.


At Motions Mobile Massage we offer great prices and offer couples massages, group massages, and corporate massages, if you want to relax in great company while you enjoy your wellbeing experience or you want to gift an experience your loved ones will treasure.


So if you’re near Wellington Park and want to increase your wellbeing or you work near Parliament House and you’re looking for the perfect way to relax, talk to our friendly team at MMRM to book your massage in East Melbourne today or use our convenient online booking tool.