Remedial Massage Fitzroy North

Are you as busy as the 96 tramline? Feeling achy and drained? Need to unwind and de-stress? Get a massage at home in Fitzroy North to help you soothe any aches and pain.


Our friendly team of professional therapists will assess your needs and offer treatment that target problem areas causing the dysfunction. Remedial massage therapy provides effective pain relief for common musculoskeletal conditions, helps reduce stress, and effective as part of chronic pain management. Learn more about our process here.

Sports Massage Fitzroy North

If like your sports or like to stay active, our service is an excellent way to prepare your body for action. It will not only soothe tired and aching muscles after activity but also aid in their recovery and make sure you’re ready for your next game, training session or event.  It’s worth remembering that our massage service is on hand to enhance your performance and protect you from injury. We also attend events, so if you need us to attend before, during or after a match to provide a sports massage, we will.


For a light relaxing massage that allows you to unwind, as our professional therapists use soothing strokes to reinvigorate your body, our Swedish massage is the perfect option. However, if you like more pressure applied and stronger finger strokes, our deep tissue massage works deep into muscle areas and will remove any tension.


If your business is also as busy as the famous tram line, as well as individual massage we offer corporate massages to ease the pressure and stress of city life, which is useful if you want to implement an employee wellbeing strategy or want a more relaxed workforce for enhanced performance.

Mobile Massage Melbourne Northern Suburbs

As we offer mobile massage service we can also provide massages in your home, at your hotel room, or at work, so it doesn’t matter where you are in Melbourne’s finest inner city location because we will travel to you to ensure your massage is the most relaxing experience.


Our police checked professionals have a wealth of experience, are registered with the Massage Association, and can offer chair massage and through the clothes massage, to ensure you are at your most comfortable. We even offer couples massage and group massage, so if you want to share a special experience where you can unwind and relax together, you can.


To book your wellbeing experience today or to gift someone else a wonderful massage contact our Motions Mobile Massage team or use our online booking tool.