Remedial Massage Fitzroy

If you’re feeling unwell in Fitzroy and you find yourself experiencing aches and pains in your neck and back or you require a bit of a pamper, give us a call and book a relaxing massage.


Our mobile massage service provides a traditional Swedish massage that will invigorate your body and remove any pressure causing you pain, while our deep tissue massage works deep into your muscles to remove tension.


Recovering from an injury or have specific pains? We provide a comprehensive assessment and tackle specific areas requiring the most attention.   Remedial massage is effective in tackling back & neck pain, tight shoulders, and other musculoskeletal conditions.


Our experienced therapists also offer sports massage, so if you are a regular at Fitzroy Football Club, Fitzroy Baseball Club, or you enjoy other sports, our professional Fitzroy massage therapists can help. Not only will a refreshing treatment invigorate tired muscles after a match, but our sports massages will also help you to prepare your body before any activity, which will improve circulation, prevent injury, and could enhance your performance.

Mobile Massage Melbourne Northern Suburbs

Unlike members of the Melbourne Chess Club, you don’t even have to make a move because our mobile therapists will travel to you to provide a relaxing and soothing massage in your home, hotel room, or workplace, removing the unnecessary hassle of having to travel.


However, our ability to travel means we can attend conferences and events and offer a corporate service, which is useful if you’re thinking of giving your colleagues a treat, want to incorporate massage with your artwork at a local gallery, or any event for that matter.

We even offer group and couples massage, so if you don’t want to go it alone we can work out the stress and tension on more than one person, which is ideal if you are looking to spend some quality time with someone or you are looking for a gift which you can both enjoy.


Our service will leave you feeling utterly refreshed, so whether you require pain relief, need some pampering, need to relax and unwind after a day of shopping, visiting art spaces, or recovering from the daily grind, we are happy to provide you with a comforting massage experience that will allow you to de-stress.


To book your wellbeing experience today and allow our professional therapists to help you unwind by using our online booking tool today or calling our friendly team.