Remedial Massage North Melbourne

Remedial & deep tissue massage

Our treatments are perfect for people that require specialist massage services to work on problem areas that cause pain and are effective for a range of conditions, including, sciatica, back pain, neck pain, shoulder problems, muscle pain, carpal tunnel, hip problems, headaches, and stiffness. By undertaking a thorough assessment of your needs and focussing on your problem areas, the treatment will aid rehabilitation and help you to manage injury or pain.


Our service will also help if you suffer from tennis or golfer’s elbow, which is useful if you’re someone who regularly uses the Albert Park Golf Course or Fawkner Park Tennis Centre. We also offer sports massage, so if you happen to play at North Melbourne Football Club or other clubs in the Australian Football League, you enjoy running or any other sport, you can use our professional sports therapists to aid your recovery, prevent injury, and enhance your performance.

If you live in North Melbourne or anywhere in the northern suburbs of the inner city let us ease your muscles and reduce your tension with a professional and relaxing massage.

Relaxation Massage

Unwind and feel the stress slowly float away from your body as you enjoy one of our classic Swedish relaxation massages, or lie back and relax as our therapists works deep into your muscles to remove tension with our deep tissue massage.

Our professional therapists are registered with the Massage Association and have all passed police security checks to ensure your wellbeing and safety. We offer massage services across the whole of North Melbourne at reasonable prices, so you don’t need to be a King or Queen to afford a massage in North Melbourne.

Mobile massage in Melbourne’s northern suburbs 

As well as providing a massage that even Queen Victoria would love, we are also mobile so if you want a home massage, would like us to visit your workplace, provide a sports massage at your event, or even offer massage services at a conference, we are happy to help. Our mobile service reduces the hassle of having to travel for your treatment and as we offer massages for couples and groups, as well as corporations, you can arrange a massage for your partner, boss, or work colleagues if you like or just decide to indulge in some treatment for yourself.


Our friendly team at Motions Mobile Massage are also flexible so if you prefer a through the clothes massage or require a chair massage, then this is something we can also provide.


To book an appointment call our team today or use our online booking tool now.