Remedial Massage Pascoe Vale

If you are experiencing persistent back pain, neck and shoulder problems, or stiff and aching joints, let our friendly team help you to recover and relax.


Manage pain effectively with our remedial massage service, which targets those troublesome areas, and provides pain relief for a range of conditions, including, back pain, muscle strain, hip problems, sciatica, tennis elbow, shoulder problems, neck ache, and headaches. Our service includes a thorough assessment, which will enable us to work with you to provide a treatment where you need it most and alleviate discomfort.


If you’re not looking for pain relief but still want a rejuvenating massage that will make you feel relaxed, a Swedish massage is the perfect way to unwind and will provide you with a much needed pampering. As well as removing any stress and strain, deep tissue massage techniques are ideal for those that like a treatment that works deep into the muscles and applies firmer pressure.


However, if you don’t want to be pampered but need treatment after a big session at the gym or the big game on the weekend, a sports massage service is what you need. You don’t even have to be an elite athlete to reap the benefits of a pre-sports warm up or a post-sports cool down because we offer reasonable prices and we can attend your event, providing a useful way to prevent injury and promote recovery.


As well as attending sporting events our professional mobile team will attend your hotel room, home, or workplace, and all our therapists are police checked and registered with the Massage and Myotherapy Association, making our service both convenient and safe.


Our soothing massages are not just available for individuals; we also offer group, couples, and corporate massages, so you can decide whether to enjoy a relaxing experience on your own or whether to share the pleasure with a significant other. Whatever you decide we are sure you’ll be pleased, as our professional team relax your muscles and allow you to enjoy a soothing experience that will leave you refreshed and renewed.

Mobile Massage Pascoe Vale & Pascoe Vale South

As we provide mobile massage service, thereby removing muscle and back pain, and helping your body to achieve a sense of bliss and serenity, we also remove the pain of having to travel to a masseuse, especially after you’re nice and relaxed from our soothing massage.


Book online or contact our friendly mobile Motions Massage Team today.