Remedial Massage Port Melbourne

If you live or work in Port Melbourne and you’re in need of a relaxing massage, use our friendly mobile massage service.


Our remedial massage service is a great way to promote recovery, work on any injuries, and provides pain management where you need it most. We work on a range of symptoms, including, back pain, neck pain, muscle pain, shoulder ache, stiffness, sciatica, carpel tunnel, and headaches. It will also help improve and correct your posture, so if you’re in a pickle with joint pain or you’re bent over with back pain in Fishermen’s Bend, our friendly team will be able to work on those weak spots and restore your wellbeing.


We also offer traditional Swedish massage, which will help to boost your circulation and allow you to slip into a soothing state of utter relaxation. We also offer a deep tissue massage if you like a firm touch to work deep into your muscles and remove muscle tension.


However, if you enjoy exercise, our sports massage is the ideal option for people that like to stay active and will help you prepare for your chosen activity or to cool down and aid recovery after activity. So if you’re a member of Melbourne Cricket Club, Port Melbourne Sharks, Port Melbourne Tennis Club, Port Melbourne Baseball Club, or you prefer to swing a mallet and play a bit of trugo, our sports massage will provide you with a fabulous way to stay in athletic condition, to keep your body sports ready, and to prevent injury.


You don’t even have to travel because our service is mobile. This means if you’re south west of the business district but too busy to leave work or you want to unwind without the hassle of arranging transport, or even if you can’t drive, we offer the perfect solution to help you to relax and release unwanted stress.


Our friendly massage therapists will provide a massage in the comfort of your home, at your workplace, at your hotel room, at a conference or an event. We also offer couples massages, group massages, and corporate services, which is ideal if you know someone else who needs the perfect way to unwind or could benefit from a health boost.


Our Motions Mobile Massage team are expert therapists with years of experience and are approved by the Massage Association, and because your safety and wellbeing are of the utmost importance we also police check all of our therapists.


We want you to enjoy your massage and relax as you feel the pressure and stress drift away from your body and allow yourself to unwind, so for ultimate comfort we offer the added option of a chair massage or through the clothes massage for customers who prefer this.


To book your massage today call our friendly mobile team or use our online tool now.