Remedial Massage South Melbourne

We at Motions Mobile Massage want to get you to a place of wellness and offer a remedial massage that works on problem areas to target back ache, neck pain, shoulder problems, hip pain, sciatica, headaches, muscle problems, stiffness, tension, and more.


Our therapeutic massage aids recovery, providing relief for areas that cause you the most pain. As well as providing pain relief and aiding recovery, the treatment in conjunction with our prescribed corrective exercises will also help to improve your posture. You’ll stand and feel taller by having tension released around key areas which will help to realign regions that are out of balance.

Sports Massage South Melbourne

For those of you who are athletic, we also offer sports massages to get you warmed up and ready to play or to help you relax after a hard game or activity to promote recovery. Also, because our services are mobile we can provide a massage at an event, which is handy if you need a sports massage after a big game.


If you aren’t in pain but you want to indulge in a massage for a pure sense of relaxation and to improve your wellbeing, our Swedish massage will soothe your body and revitalise your senses. Alternatively, if you prefer a more powerful massage, our deep tissue massage will apply the perfect pressure to release your muscle tension and to relax your joints. Our invigorating massages will also soothe any sore spots, ease pressure points, and reduce tired aches, which makes them a perfect way for anyone to unwind and renew their energy.


Mobile Massage Melbourne South Eastern Suburbs

Our mobile massage service removes the hassle of having to travel for lovely massage because we will attend your home, hotel room, or office, which is useful if you are planning a massage straight after work or on your lunch break, or if you’re a tourist that needs a convenient massage after a hard days shopping at the Southbank Precinct.


As our massages will work your muscles and remove tension, they are also ideal for artists and musicians who use repetitive movements, which is useful if you attend the Recital Centre, need to prepare for a classical concert, or are a regular at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art.


We also provide massages at conferences and events, and corporate services, so if you are putting on an event and want to ensure your guests are fully relaxed, book our services to impress and prepare your attendees.


Our professional therapists are police checked, have a wealth of experience in the art of massage, and are registered with the Massage Association. They can provide chair massage or through the clothes massage if this is preferred, which is ideal for people who want a massage but have issues with mobility.


Reward your team for all the hard work they put in with a massage at the office, treat a partner, celebrate a family member’s birthday, or say thank you to a friend, with a nice relaxing massage that will remove the stress from their body and leave them feeling refreshed.


To book a lovely mobile massage for yourself or to treat a loved one, call our friendly team of therapists today or use our online booking tool.